Service station of Car Invest Europe

In order to maintain cars in good technical condition, Car Invest Europe company has its service stations in Poland. Thanks to this, our customers receive the cars solely in good technical condition, and leased cars can be serviced directly from us.
In general, the service stations differ among themselves depending on the type of activity and the list of services. In Poland, there are only two types of service stations: city and road.

  1. Road service stations
    The name of such service stations speaks for itself. They are located on the highway far from the city, mostly near gas stations or roadside motels. Such service stations may have several repair stations with a lift platform or provide for self-service. As a rule, the road service stations have a narrow specialization and are mainly aimed at providing tire fitting services and minor repair so that the car reaches the nearest populated place with a full-fledged station. Usually the price is low, but the benefit is low competition on the road
  2. City service stations
    The classification of municipal service stations is the widest. If you need a car repair in Warsaw, you should choose one of the following service stations.
  • Multi-purpose or comprehensive stations – full-fledged technical service stations offering a full list of services. Some stations have partner certificates from car manufacturers. As a rule, a large assortment of consumables and components is offered here.
  • Dealerships (so-called “officials”) – designed to service certain brands of cars. The work is done according to a high standard, with warranty obligations in place, but the cost of maintenance is often higher than at other stations.
  • Highly specialized stations – their activities are aimed at solving certain tasks. The list of services is usually small. The work is performed by several professional craftsmen who specialize in specific issues related to the operation of the car and constantly improve their knowledge in their field.

Service station – how to choose?

A service station is a place where universal complex of equipment and tools for car diagnostics and repair functions. They differ by power, area, range of services provided.

Our accredited service stations in Warsaw offer a range of various services. For the convenience of customers, retail outlets are open near the stations, which sell spare parts, components, materials that will help to repair cars as soon as possible. Customers have comfortable customer areas at their disposal.

The following types of work are carried out at the service station:

  • preventive maintenance;
  • comprehensive maintenance, in a scheduled manner;
  • warranty support;
  • major and current repairs;
  • diagnostic procedures;
  • troubleshooting;
  • installation of auxiliary equipment;
  • troubleshooting of the body.

Our clients can get the same services at the service station in Lodz. Our organization is interested in cooperation with clients on a long-term basis, therefore it forms the most profitable offers for joint activities. This is a diverse range of services and a wide selection of components. When determining the cost of services, we take into account the ratio of quality and price.