Car purchase in Poland

A modern and more profitable alternative to the independent sale of a vehicle is the purchase of a car by a specialized company. The service significantly saves the owner’s time and is most often used in cases of sales of used, confiscated, loaned cars or cars after an accident. If you want to get rid of an old car, but do not have the time and desire to sell it personally, contact Car Invest Europe. We offer urgent car purchase in Warsaw and Lodz, we have our own sites and a staff of competent employees.

Independent sale VS car purchase

If to compare these actions at least approximately, the process will look like as follows


        1. They take many high-quality pictures and post them on all possible Internet portals and websites; endlessly answer the same questions on the phone and on the Internet;
        2. wash the car before each viewing;
        3. does not know when they will be able to get money for the car and how much, because every buyer wants to lower the price;
        4. risk to get into scammers.
        • Car Invest Europe company
        1. Purchases used cars in any condition;
        2. prepares documents and concludes a contract in one day;
        3. settles payments with the client on the day of conclusion of the contract;
        4. if the seller is not satisfied with the price offered by us, they have the opportunity to leave the vehicle at our site under 24-hour security until a new buyer appears (the price of the service is negotiated individually).

    We operate with any cars, including purchase expensive cars, if we are talking about an almost new premium class foreign car. All papers are officially drawn up with the participation of our company’s lawyers. You only need documents for the car, passport and identification code.

    Criteria for searching for specialists

    Even if you need a super urgent car purchase, because you need the money against the clock, do not rush to contact the first best company. When choosing a buyer, pay attention to:

        • level of service – first during a telephone conversation, then in a personal meeting, in the course of which you will be able to evaluate the terms of the agreement, purchase time and other small details;
        • duration of the company’s existence on the market – the longer it works, the better;
        • availability of free services – for example, assessments;
        • settlement terms and payment forms;
        • quick execution of the transaction;
        • reliable companies buy cars in any condition;
        • availability of related fields of activity – the more services a company offers, the more competent and reliable it is;
        • reviews of previous clients, which can be found on various forums and portals.

    Who will benefit from our offer?

    Normal or urgent car purchase is relevant in such cases as:

        • decrease in income level;
        • lack of ability to pay a loan for a vehicle;
        • impossibility of repair.

    The cost of the vehicle will depend on its condition and year of manufacture. At the same time, it is not necessary to repair the defects yourself, the specialist must see the real condition of the car with an adequate assessment.

    Why us?

    The Car Invest Europe company buys cars on completely transparent terms. Each client is guaranteed:

      • the possibility to sell the vehicle in any condition;
      • time saved – you will receive the money on the same day, even in a few hours after signing the papers;
      • completely lawful and legally pure purchase & sale agreement
      • free transport assessment for the seller;
      • ability to send an application for sale online;
      • collection of a minimum package of documents.

If you have a car for sale, but also have doubts – call! Our employee will answer all questions and help you to make the right decision.