Car selection in Poland

A professionally performed car selection is a guarantee of the legal and technical purity of the vehicle you wish to purchase. This service is also called “turnkey car” and includes the search for the desired make and model of the car according to the parameters specified by the client, checking the technical condition and documents. Car Invest Europe employees will find the right car in Warsaw, Lodz or another city, they will carefully inspect cars that were brought from Germany, other EU countries or the USA. We help people get exactly the car they want.

Who needs a car selection expert?

If you do not have enough time to search, because good cars are bought very quickly, or the seller lives in a distant country, you should entrust the selection of a car to a proven car selector. Car Invest Europe is most often approached by people who:

  • want to be completely sure of the technical and legal side of the deal;
  • want to save on the purchase due to reasoned bargaining (if necessary, we negotiate with the seller to reach the desired price);
  • do not have the time, desire or resources to constantly review market offers and travel to review new options;
  • want to buy a car, but do not understand the selection criteria;
  • have not yet decided which vehicle they need.

Thanks to many years of experience and technical means, our specialists do not waste the client’s time looking at obvious junk. A quick reaction allows you to choose a car with the appropriate parameters in the shortest possible time.

What pitfalls do customers face?

In the desire to save, some future car owners are engaged in the search on their own. But almost immediately they get into trouble, because they are offered cars with:

  • hidden defects – some malfunctions of the chassis, engine, electricity or other components are difficult to detect immediately, but over time they are sure to manifest and require expensive repairs;
  • mileage that does not correspond to reality (for used cars);
  • legal problems – a lot of options that are well known to us.

Unscrupulous sellers also offer cars that have been repaired for little money after an accident, or cars of an older year of manufacture than those specified in the documents. In fact, there are many ways to deceive the buyer, so remember that in some cases self-selecting a car is a threat of losing not only money or time, but what is much more frightening – health and life.

Advantages of cooperation with professionals

Selection of a turnkey car consists of a whole set of measures. It is useful because our services will help you:

  • to get a vehicle at a price below the market price (if this is possible at all);
  • to register a car quickly and without additional funds;
  • to see a video and photo report for each option;
  • to devote time to business, family or hobbies instead of endlessly analyzing offers.

If you need a high-quality selection of a car, contact Car Invest Europe for advice by the phones listed on the website or online.